About Our Company


The OltraMaxTM brand in the Americas is operated by Clarksburg Systems, Inc. and offers top quality flash memory products at very competitive prices. OltraMaxTM has been offering reliable products and excellent service since 2011.


Product quality and service dependability are our top priority. We believe our customers deserve the latest in flash memory devices. To achieve that goal, we are constantly upgrading our line of flash memory technologies and are offering a broad range of products, including high capacity flash memory units.


OltraMaxTM also has presence in South Korea. There our high tech affiliates support over 30% of domestic S. Korean market for flash and other memory storage devices.


OltraMaxTM also enjoys a European Union presence and is affiliated with one of the largest European flash memory distributors. It has been in the market since 1986, and has a long history of successes in logistics, distribution and the manufacture of flash memory devices and other cutting-edge products.




Please note that all items offered in this Internet store are packaged in sealed cases. Additional discounts are applied if wholesale quantities are ordered and/or no packaging is requested. In this case, delivery will be arranged in up to 15 days. For any of these options, please request a quote at Support@oltramax.com


OltraMaxTM offers reliable, top quality products. In the highly unlikely case of either labor or product defects, please visit us at http://oltramax.com/support/