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Flash Drives from OltraMax

USB Flash Drive is the most easy to use compact portable device for storage and data transfer.

OltraMax released to the market the new line of portable Flash Drives.


OltraMax presents the new series of Bluetooth headsets

Bluetooth headsets are very comfortable due to the absence of wires. It is very convenient to use the Bluetooth headset while listening to the music from your mobile phone or any other compatible player and make phone calls even while driving.


Now - 64 GB capacity.

OltraMax is pleased to introduce the flash memory card OltraMax 64GB SDXC. The most important moments in your life will be captured with the ultimate quality product if you use OltraMax 64 GB SDXC memory card.OltraMax 64GB SDXC is fully compliant Class 10 that boasts read speeds up to 25 MB/s.


Exclusively by Oltramax: Micro SD SDHC 32 GB 6th and 10th class flash memory cards

With the wider use of high resolution video and image recording, it is necessary to have not only higher capacity data storage devices, but also higher data transfer and storage speed.