Now - 64 GB capacity.

OltraMax is pleased to introduce the flash memory card OltraMax 64GB SDXC. The most important moments in your life will be captured with the ultimate quality product if you use OltraMax 64 GB SDXC memory card.OltraMax 64GB SDXC is fully compliant Class 10 that boasts read speeds up to 25 MB/s.

OltraMax 64GB SDXC cards extended capacity will provide more portable storage and its exceptional data transfer performance not only prevents lag when recording Full HD videos, but also enables high-speed consecutive shooting at fast-motion events. As more and more consumer electronic products are expected to support SDXC in the near future, widespread adoption of SDXC is just around the corner!

High data processing and retrieval speed and high capacity, to specifically store high quality images and video

Compatible with SDXC, not compatible with SDHC and standard SD devices.

Product specifications:

Capacity: 64 GB
Speed: Not less than 10th class.
Interface: SDXC
File System: ExFAT
Data transmission specifications:
Version 1, UHS104 up to 104 MB/sec (complies with the flash memory SD card Version 3 standard, specs: UHS104).
Is supported by the following operating systems:
Windows 7, Windows Vista (SP1 or later editions), Windows XP (SP2 or later editions)
with ExFAT upgrades.