OltraMax presents the new series of Bluetooth headsets

Bluetooth headsets are very comfortable due to the absence of wires. It is very convenient to use the Bluetooth headset while listening to the music from your mobile phone or any other compatible player and make phone calls even while driving.

The innovative engineering and technical solutions are applied in all the devices from OltraMax in order to achieve excellent sound transmission in the mono / stereo Bluetooth headsets.

Headsets from OltraMax are easy to use and have the stylish design.

Multi connection allows the simultaneous usage of the Bluetooth headset with several devices (e.g. second mobile phone, MP3 player, notebook and etc.).

Specially developed Car Kit OMBT1000 with driver’s motion detector will be assessed by people who spend a lot of time at the wheel. While using the OMBT1000 Car Kit you can drive safely and make phone calls.

OltraMax devices:

  • DSP technology eliminates noise and echo;
  • Bluetooth + EDR to ensure high speed of sound transmission;
  • Battery for charging with PC USB;
  • Standby time at Power Save mode up to 6 months (in model OMBTS300 – up to 1 year);
  • All the devices are developed and produced in South Korea;
  • Excellent ratio: price – quality – capabilities.

Detailed information on the Bluetooth headsets from Oltramax can be found in the section "Products" or link http://oltramax.com/goods/Bluetooth.