Product Support


Oltramax guarantees to the customers that its finished products will contain no malfunctioning materials and no production defects. It is also guaranteed that all products will comply with their stated technical features and published specifications. In case there is a defect which has been caused by the manufacturer, Oltramax will either repair the product or will exchange the defective unit for a new one. The replacement item may be either brand new or refurbished. Refurbished items will have exactly the same features as new ones. It is up to the manufacturer's discretion to choose how to restore the unit to working condition (repair or exchange). In case both exchange and repair are impossible, the customer will receive a refund in the amount equal to the price of the original purchase. This assurance covers all the products for the period of their warranty, provided that they were used in compliance with the operating rules.


Length of Warranty:

All Oltramax products are covered by three year limited warranty.


Warranty Limitations:

  Warranty is not applicable to products which have been damaged as a result of natural disaster, accident, mechanical, electrical, thermal and similar impact, as well as in those cases where the product was not used in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Warranty does not cover products where the body of the unit has been opened, as well as those which have mechanical damage.

Absence of labels and technical imprints may be cause to refuse warranty service of an item. 

  Warranty does not cover software and other data stored in the product memory.


  In order to receive warranty service, the defective unit must be returned to an authorized dealer or to a distributor which sold the given Oltramax product. It can also be returned to Oltramax service center. If the product is returned to the service center, the user must register the product on the website ( following technical support recommendations and obtain a return claim number. An item delivered to the Service Center without having been registered on the website may be refused warranty services. Delivery to the Service Center must be paid by the end user. Manufacturer shall not bear any responsibility for possible damage caused during shipping. In such cases, responsibility for the damage will rest with the entity providing delivery services for the user.

  Before a unit is returned, it is important to copy all data which is stored in the unit to another storage device. During the process of repair, data stored in the unit may be deleted.

  Oltramax will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by data loss or malfunction of its product. Responsibility of Oltramax is limited to the monetary value equal to the retail price of the unit.

Warranty term starts at the point of sale. If it is impossible to determine the date of sale, the warranty period is calculated from the date the product was manufactured.

Technical Support: