Useful Information: micro SDHC


Wide use of mobile digital devices requiring substantial information storage capability led to introduction of MicroSD (Micro Security Digital) cards in the market. Smartphones, GPS navigators, media players, various other auxiliary devices – all these and other similar devices require small size but large capacity data storage devices. Traditional bigger items such as SD or CF are too big for smaller mobile devices. Today, MicroSD cards are the smallest units available. These cards require such small readers that they can fit in the smallest digital devices. At the same time, the market offers adapters which allow a MicroSD card to be used in card readers servicing MiniSD and SD, thus essentially enabling one information carrying card to be used with a number of different digital devices. For example, with the help of an adapter for a full-size SD card, you can high quality pictures using a camera and in a matter of a few minutes publish them on the internet having transferred them from the same card using a Smartphone.
Most of the currently available MicroSD cards comply with SDA 2.00 (SDHC) specifications which have many advantages along with some shortcomings. One of the advantages is high storage capacity of these cards -- up to 32 GBs, along with pretty fast data transfer rate -- up to 10 MB per second. One limitation is incompatibility of these cards with some older reading equipment which was designed to work only with SD cards. However, small size and very impressive data storage capacity make MicroSD the most attractive and popular option to be used in nearly all portable digital devices.