Useful Information: SDHC


     SDHC flash memory (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards are a step of further development of popular SD (Secure Digital) cards. Transition to this new standard was triggered by the constantly growing need to continue increasing memory capacity to be used by digital devices. It is no secret that modern digital photo cameras with multi-pixel matrixes, as well as camcorders which allow recording in Full HD fill up available memory very quickly. By design, SD cards are unable to store more than 4 GB of data, and this volume is simply insufficient. The problem was resolved by developing new SDA 2.00 (SDHC) specification allowing memory storage to be increased up to 32 GB. A minor shortcoming of SDHC cards is the fact that readers designed to work only with SD card are unable to support them. However, the problem is minor since nearly all current equipment is compatible with cards of both standards. Prior to purchasing a device, it is recommended to verify that it is compatible with  SDHC standard.